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Promet T&T Smart Europe Travel

Promet T & T Smart Europe Travel is mostly specialized in organized tours, and it is particularly segmented in accordance with the specific and different needs of target customers:
Coach tours, Traditional European coach tours, Traditional Slovenia & Croatia coach tours,  Charter programs, Luxury tours designed in full accordance with the highest standards of services, Special F.I.T. programs as well as other specific programs on request basis

Promet T & T allows exploring Europe's most famous tourist destinations including direct and exciting travel experience to our customers

Dubrovnik, Croatia Ljubljana, Slovenija Zagreb, Croatia Budapest, Hungary Barcelona, Spain Tokyo, Japan Frankfurt, Germany Paris, France Seoul, South Korea Shanghai, China Tel Aviv, Izrael Vienna, Austria Madrid, Spain

Promet T&T Head office

Celovška 73
SI-1000 Ljubljana
P.: + 386 1 519 35 11, 519 57 70


Promet T&T Smart Europe Travel,
Ljubljana - Slovenia, Phone no.: +386 1 519 35 11
Paris - France, Phone no.: + 33 1 53 20 33 33
Split - Croatia, Phone no.: + 385 21 380 307