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Hotel Imperial ***

The second oldest hotel in Opatija, in the center of the town, facing the Opatija park (100 yards from the biggest Opatija beach, 50 yards from the sea). The favorite hotel of the Central European high society at the end of 19th C.

A great choice for convention promoters.

Amenities: aperitif bar, famous Opatija Imperial coffee shop with a terrace, smaller banquet and seminar lounges. The Golden Hall (320 seats), suitable for conventions, music festivals and fashion shows. The Golden Hall and Imperial Bar are air-conditioned. Vicinity of tennis courts, a gym and a wellness center.


Opatija, often called the Nice of the Adriatic, is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia and a place with the longest tourist tradition on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. In 1844 the powerful merchant Higinio von Scarpa erected Villa Angiolina, with beautiful green and a lavish park around it, visited by distinguished guests - the Croatian Viceroy Josip Jelacic, the Austrian empress Maria Anna - which soon made Opatija a popular excursion destination of the inhabitants from Rijeka, then of the Italians and Austrians.

Opatija was the first in the region of the Adriatic to introduce tourist statistics already in 1884, and the first hotel on the Adriatic, called Kvarner, was built by the Society of the Southern Railways in 1884; situated on the very coast and luxuriously furnished, it attracted exclusively elite guests.
Villa Angiolina park
Millenium hotel park
City center
Hotel Kvarner

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