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Hotel Zlatorog ***

Hotel and Villa Zlatorog are situated in Ukanc in a beautiful setting in a wooded area, at the shore of Savica river, just few steps from the Bohinj lake. Set amidst glorious mountain scenery, the hotel provides an ideal base for numerous sport activities, wining and dining in our excellent restaurant, entertainment or just a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Hotel Zlatorog with its 43 rooms offers its guests only organically produced food, drinks, sauna,... As it is a "BIO" hotel. BIO-food contains no preservatives or other chemicals and has therefore better taste. A BIO-hotel offers healthier food as well as other organical products. The foodstuffs are produced under strict regulations without any chemical-synthetical pesticides or manure, the animals are fed only by organic produced fodder and the fostering is also adapted to the natural needs of animals. The origin of the products is controlled from the producer to the consumer.


Bohinj is a basin that stretches from Soteska to Ukanc. On the south side, the basin is enclosed by the Lower Bohinj Mountains, which rise to 2,000 meters, and on the north by the Triglav mountain range with Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain (2,864 m).

Bohinj is divided into the Upper Bohinj and Lower Bohinj valleys. There are twenty-four villages in the two valleys. Bohinj is one of the most beautiful valleys in the heart of the Julian Alps and in Triglav National Park.The natural beauty of high mountains, green forests, and beautiful mountain pastures and meadows, the cultural and historical monuments, and the friendly villages and towns with their hotels, restaurants, inns, and private rooms guarantee visitors a pleasant stay in Bohinj.

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