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Hotel Appollo ****

Located a stones throw from the main promenade, on a gentle slope, embraced by a shadow of pine trees and set amidst green and kind atmosphere lies the Apollo hotel. When you park your car in front of the hotel, the first thing to attract your attention is the circular isle covered in green and flower-bed. The bell boy comes to greet you and assist you with your luggage. Then, he drives your car on a secured hotel parking space just across the street, or leaves it in the hotel garage.

There is a covered passage connecting the Apollo hotel to the centre of health and well-being, the Terme & Wellness Palace. Children are welcome to play and enjoy each others company in a play-room, right next to the lobby bar of the Apollo hotel. The bar is an ideal place to socialize, chat or just relax over a nice cup of coffee or over an invigorating cup of tea from a vast palette of different kinds of tea. The evening atmosphere will be enhanced by delicate notes of piano music.


Sea, wind, salt, Mediterranean odours, palms, roses and evergreen plants, relaxation, entertainment and companionship are the words, with which we can easily introduce Portorož, a sea resort in the heart of Europe.

The intermingling of various cultures and music expressions, nature, culinary delights and turbulent historical events, create an atmosphere, in which the every day life stress and tensions disappear in a relaxed state of mind. The relaxing stroll on the shoreline, recuperating run on the beach, swimming in the sea and pools, beauty and health programmes in spas or sports and recreational activities, fill us with new energy.

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