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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Hercegovina (or Bosnia Hezegovina as some prefer it) is a crossroads country. Sandwiched between Croatia and Serbia, it's been a zone of contention since Occident and Orient first began arm-wrestling for it. It's been through Christian, Muslim and Orthodox hands; for a while its people seemed to enjoy their multi-cultural milieu.

Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in the Southern-Western part of Europe, in the centre of the Balkan peninsula. On the north, west and south it borders to Croatia, and on its eastern part to Yugoslavia. It has also a small exit to the Adriatic Sea, 20 km wide.

It is just one dot on the Planet. That is a little point wherein the areas meet, terminate or begin the three among four-key components of the oldest and the most lasting division of the world: Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Islam. In addition, Jewish religion is also present here: the "salt" of the world history by which the Bosnian bread has also been spiced in the last five centuries.

It is multi-cultural and multi-national country, the majority of its inhabitants are Bosnians, there live also Serbs and Croats and several national minorities, among which Jewish minority is the most important.

The climate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is continental (in the northern part of the country), mountainous in Herzegovina and central part of Bosnia, and Mediterranean in the south.

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