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Hotel Butrinti *****

Experience the extraordinary. Exceeding your expectations is always our goal at the Butrinti Hotel. Superb accommodations, deluxe amenities and the city's best location to a new level of hospitality. Experience an extraordinary award-winning hotel.

Distinctive restaurant,Pizzeria and Snack Bar satisfy every appetite for great dining and entertainment. Designed from insight of meeting professionals, the Butrinti Hotel is known for exceeding expectations. Rich inlaid woods and imported marble immerse you in luxury. The poolside bar compliment each end of the water system with tropical refreshments and hot barbecue specialties served throughout the day.


Albania's most southern city. Situated opposite of Corfu island, Saranda is now mostly visited by day trippers who come to enjoy this previously inaccessible resort. It is one of the most tourist sites in Albania and is very preferable by "honey mooners". Near Saranda there are the ruins of the ancient city of Butrint and the Springs of "Blue Eyes".

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