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Hotel Gorica ****

Hotel Gorica offers maximum privacy, away from the noise and bustle of Ohrid town (only 3 kilometers away).

The hotel's private beach is surrounded by tall cliffs. From here, one gazes out over the shimmering lake and the city in the distance, and is elevated by this ideal view, knowing that he or she stands on a secluded, enviable beach not accessible to other tourists.

Indeed, Hotel Gorica has always been the most sought after in Ohrid for those of refined tastes. But it has become even better after recent privatization. The hotel's new owners, people with long years of experience in the international tourism and hotel business, have polished up this true pearl of Ohrid.

Combining the old with the new, we have retained Hotel Gorica's unique, traditional charm while also adding every amenity, every luxury that today's sophisticated tourists could want. In addition, 2 new elevators, sauna and massage, a 24/7 bar are made.


If you bathing in Lake Ohrid on a sunny day and suddenly emerge from its depths, breaking the surface for a moment, you will see on the pale blue expanse all around you silvery, transparent bubbles, big and small.

In each of them the Sun is doubly reflected, like two focuses of different sizes. Approaching one of the bigger bubbles, holding your breath for fear it may burst, you can see in it, as in a distorting mirror, the reflection of your face, wet and laughing. And all the time, that bigger sun, like a vast star, hangs over your head.

It all lasts for just an instant, like all beauty, yet it is repeated over and over again...

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