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Hotel Lido ****

Placed in the height of capital center, on the main thoroughfare of Bucharest, in the vicinity of the majority cultural attractions, Lido, by his décor, atmosphere and services, is a relaxation and leisure oasis, a second house for the customers – the majority being businessmen – which once housed, they come back each time when they arrive in Romania.

Hotel Lido Bucuresti, which is the owner of the hotel, is concerning all the time about the quality of the services, ceaselessly following everything that is new and could be interesting and useful for it's customers, both concerning the comfort and the maintenance of the hotel unique character, by the personalization of the service offered to the customer. The hotel is completely air-conditioned.


The capital of Romania is one of the best destinations for young travellers with little money and many cultural needes. Dracula is just part of the legend, Romania has many more things to show the visitant. Open your mind and let the Romanian spirit guide you along one of the countries who has kept best the traces of comunism.

Bucarest has many things to do and see. Palatul Parlament, The village Museum, Caucescu's grave, The arch of triumph, The Unirii square. Universitii Square (important place in the Revolution, pic)Then Sinaia, just two hours by train, a nice and paceful place where you can find the Palas Castle

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